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Hello everyone!
If you follow my instagram, you’ve probably seen that I change my hair more than I have hot dinners so I thought I’d show you some of my favourite colourful hairdos. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find photos from all the colours I’ve had as they’ve been lost in the internet forever. Cue hideous photos from the past…
This is essentially my natural hair colour. It used to be much much blonder but as I got older, my hair got darker and much more boring. You can probably see why I started bleaching it….
A few years ago I dyed my hair pink for the first time and since then I’ve wanted every colour under the sun and basically have had them all…
A few months ago this happened. I loved it because it really brought out the colour of my eyes.
And this is when my hair was at it’s finest. I loved this colour so much but it was difficult to uphold as it faded kind of quickly and my roots started growing so I had to go back to boring blonde.
That brings us nicely on to my current hair colour. A few days before this photo was taken, I had dark brown hair which I’d ombre’d. The amount of damage I did going from dark brown to blonde was paramount and had to get the ends all cut off as they were so hideously damaged! It’s safe to say I suit blonde so much more than brunette!!
I know, I know. All this colour must be causing havoc to my hair, but the crazy colours I use aren’t actually bad for your hair. I tend to use the Directions or Stargazer colours mixed with a bit of conditioner to make them last longer. Next time I dye it a weird colour, I shall make a video showing you how I do it. 
Obviously the bleach is bad, but without it my hair would be a dire shade of dark blonde. My hair colour shouldn’t define me, but it does a bit and I love it. It’s the only thing I have total control over in my life!
Which colour do you think I should go next or should I stay blonde for a while? Let me know in the comments!
Oodles of love…

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