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Hello everyone!

With yesterday being International Cassette Store Day, it seems only fitting that Early Ghost would bring out their new music video to their new psychedelic 60s inspired song: Everything Goes With It.
How does this relate to Internation Cassette Store Day I hear you ask. Brighton based band Early Ghost have gone retro and released the new track on cassette tape! Many of you probably don’t own, or even remember cassettes but for a lot of us, it’s how we first bought music. It takes you back to the days of sitting by the radio, recording your favourite songs manually and feeling so proud when you timed it perfectly enough to just have the song included. This was way before iTunes or Spotify.

The song itself is a step up from their previous album ‘Cadaques’. The band seem to have matured with their song writing and really developed their compositions of songs. The track is rustic and sounds as though it has been recorded in a dusky backroom, giving it that vintage feel. The video helps to reflect this too. With dark colours and smoky overlays, it captures the audience and reminds them of a simpler time.

If Early Ghost keep producing such high quality, different songs, they are certainly going far. With their talent in composing and performing, it won’t be long until they’re a familiar name among everyone.

If you want to buy their new track, either download or cassette, you can do so here!

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