The Dog Whisperer | A Few Fleeting Thoughts

Hello everyone!
This week we were set the task of watching The Dog Whisperer, a mockumentary about a lady who can talk with dogs, and write down what we thought of it, so here it goes!
I’ve always appreciated mockumentaries. I find them amusing and entertaining, without the depth that goes into a documentary. This low budget production was effective and shows what could be done with the resources we have at the university. I hadn’t thought about making my own before but after seeing this, and a mockumentary at the Stockport Film Festival, I was intrigued and wanted to try it out for myself.
For the video aspect of this module, myself and a course mate have decided to make a mockumentary about an a cappella group, taking inspiration from this and the way it is filmed but putting our own spin on it.
The Dog Whisperer isn’t particularly ground-breaking or overly hilarious, but it is what it is and can be appreciated for it.
Check it out here:

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