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Hello everyone!
Few Fleeting Thoughts’ is a new series on my blog where I will be
writing weekly thoughts and ideas regarding film and cinematography.
This is to coincide with one of my modules at university.
The first post is about a short film called ‘The Missing Scarf’, an animation narrated by Star Trek legend, George Takei. 
The Concept
Missing Scarf’ follows the story of a squirrel looking for his, yes you
guessed it, missing scarf. On his journey, he meets a number of
different animals on their own journeys in life, and discovering
valuable life lessons from the squirrel.  
The Artistic Representation
simplistic animation, which is childlike in its manner, is captivating
and easy to follow. Using basic shapes and bright colours, it helps
visualise who the characters are and what animals they’re meant to
be.The childish nature of the film, and soothing and emotive voice of
George Takei, allows you to understand the subject matter without
confusion. Despite this style, the topics covered are very deep and
thought provoking,  showing that anyone can overcome their fears.
story seems set to be a happy one but soon takes a turn after the
squirrel meets a bear that is scared of not existing and the world
ending. After the squirrel reasons with the bear and puts his mind to
rest, the world really does end, proving that sometimes fears are

I found the short film to be interesting and amusing. The happy
colourful cartoon with cheerful music compared to the dark storyline
really works well juxtaposed together and isn’t expected when you first
sit down to watch it.

If any of you would like to watch it and make your own mind up, click the link here.

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