Networking | A Few Fleeting Thoughts

Hello everyone!
As part of my module, and to help aid in any creative career I choose, I had to create a LinkedIn profile and twitter account. I already had a twitter account, two in fact, but setting up a LinkedIn account was an interesting experience. It’s essentially an online CV where you update it with all of your skills and jobs, as well as it being a social network of sorts. I’m still trying to get my head around it but I have made many ‘connections’ with a fair amount of people in the music industry, as well as peers and coworkers. It’s insightful to see what everyone else is getting up to too and a great way to search for jobs, and for the potential employer to see exactly what you can do with one click of a button. Employers can also find you if you’ve used a specific keyword or skill on your profile and so a job could come your way without even looking for it!

With regard to twitter, I’m in two minds about having my personal twitter being the same as my professional one. One the one hand, my twitter should reflect who I am and show personality as well as my professional side, but on the other hand, people suggest keeping the two separate. I don’t use twitter for many personal things anymore, I use it more to promote my online presence across other social platforms, and to connect with people. I understand the importance of using twitter to connect with industry professionals and have followed many film related accounts and keep up to date with what they’re posting/promoting, though have yet to connect with any of them.

My second twitter account was set up purely to do small, 140 character reviews of songs/albums etc so I’ll link that below too.

For my LinkedIn account, click here.
For my Twitter accounts, click here for my blogging/media/personal Twitter…

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