My Relationship With Reading | ft. Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

Hello everyone!
Reading is a marvellous thing. Completely immersing yourself in another world and being captivated by the story of someone else’s life. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that can just pick up a book, sit in a cosy chair with a cup of tea and just read. I love films, I love art and music, but reading is something that I just struggle with. It’s bizarre because I love writing. You’d think I’d have this reading lark down but no. I have such a short attention span that I often get halfway through a book and then either lose interest or forget that I’m reading it. I hadn’t read a full book in about 4 years so I thought it was about time to give it another try.
A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing in a charity shop and stumbled upon a book that took my fancy. Now, I’d heard of Lena Dunham in the past but hadn’t ever seen her in anything or know all that much about her but it was her autobiography, Not That Kind of Girl, that sparked my interest. Having a quick scan of the blurb, I thought it seemed like a book that I could get my teeth into, and I was correct. 
I started reading it that evening on the train home and couldn’t put it down. I read it during breaks at work, before bed and as soon as I woke up. I was transfixed with it. The style of writing was so easy to read and funny. It’s a very honest and raw book that details the trials and tribulations of a young woman just trying to get by in life. It covers sexuality, feminism, careers and such but in a very comical but hard-hitting way. The humour and relatability was the perfect combination to keep my focus, and that is a hard task in itself. It was only a short book and it probably doesn’t sound like much of an achievement but when I finished reading it, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride. I’d done it. I’d actually read a book cover to cover without a month break in between. It took me just under a week to read and it left me wanting more. 
As soon as I finished it, I took myself to a bookshop to buy myself a new one. I’m currently reading Animals by Sara Pascoe. Again, its written in first person and focusses on feminist issues but in a different way to Dunham’s book. Thus far, I’m really enjoying it and I’ve also gone out and bought two more books for when I’ve finished this one. 
I always thought I couldn’t read a book; that it was a bit of an impossible task for me. Now that I’ve found the type of book that engages me, I feel inspired and liberated. It would seem that feminist literature is my thing. Hopefully this is just the beginning and will get me onto other genres but right now I’m enjoying the books I’ve bought. 
If anyone has any suggestions of books I should read, please let me know! I want to expand my mind and educate myself further! 

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Oodles of love…

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