The Calm of the Sea | My New Home

Hello everyone!
I’ve done it. I’ve finally moved back down south! I spent four years in Stoke-on-Trent, where everything is grey and it rains a lot. Now, I look out of my window and see this:
To the right of my house (view from my front garden).
I do now live in possibly the windiest place on earth; doing my hair is pointless these days and floaty dresses are a no-no. It’s obviously not always so ridiculously windy, and it’s not always this beautiful looking but being by the sea does something to me. It fills me with a sense of calm. I always used to try and explain to people in Stoke why I missed the sea so much. Living in a dense city can often feel rather claustrophobic but if you live near the seafront, it feels like you’ve always got a way out. Like if you walk and walk and walk you have a destination to collect your thoughts. I don’t know. It’s bizarre how something that I used to take for granted can have such an effect when I’m away from it. Oh, for context, I used to live in the seaside town of Eastbourne before I went up to uni.
To the left of my house.
The other thing I missed whilst living in the Stoke was the countryside. I’m very thankful that where I’ve moved to, I have the best of both worlds: seaside to the right of me, countryside to the left, here I am, stuck in the middle with yo… sorry, got carried away there. I also live about 20 minutes away from the heart of Brighton. Anyone that knows me knows of my love for that eccentric city by the sea. I’m also close enough to make quick trips to London and pop over to Eastbourne to visit my old friends.
I will miss Stoke; it certainly has its quirks. There’s something rather endearing about the place and it did welcome me with open arms four years ago when I started that chapter of my life. Yes, it does feel like a slight step backwards moving back in with family, but this is just a stepping stone to greater things. I feel my story is only just beginning: I want to have many more adventures, make more mistakes but ultimately, make many more memories.  So many m’s…
There are lots of reasons I decided to make the move, but I’ll save that for another day.
For now, I’ll leave you with this:
The sea calms me, there is nothing like thee;
The waves, the beach, the peaceful breeze.
Wherever I go to, wherever I roam,
It’s by the sea, that I call my home.
Oodles of love…

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